*trying* to be a yogi. More attempts soon.
Now I know why it’s called a sunflower
Picked blackberries today 😍
Classic Della face
Coffee Shop Changing Veterans' Lives

If you are looking for a cause to contribute to, this is definitely it! If you have ever been fortunate enough to know someone who has served our country, you know that coming back after service is a battle they all have to fight. 

Oh yeah that’s what I’m talkin about
Say hello to my little friends
LOVE the necklaces I got from @mfloritajewelry tonight at the night market. One from myself and one from my sweet dad! (at Nashville Farmers’ Market)
Hit the jackpot at the Donelson farmer’s market. Got corn, green beans, peaches, blackberries, cinnamon honey, granola, etc etc etc. 😍😋
Feelin #purty #hipstamatic love that app.
My food pics are going to get annoying really fast but I’m trying to make small steps to be healthier and it’s actually quite fun.  

Today I made these little candies with dark chocolate and whole foods antioxidant trail mix. A nice sweet bite after a savory meal to curb those very frequent cravings for sweets!
#empty  (at Reveille Joe)
Trying new things  (at Mayday Brewery)
I’m making delicious drinks all night and trivia is tonight! Come visit me! ☕️ (at Reveille Joe)