#posebypose it’s an October yoga challenge! #day1 is #plank. I gave two variations (feeling a little over zealous the first day). We’ll see how this goes.
I imagine a beautiful woman behind that hand
Inside spread
Front and back covers
Collage: a Journal of Creative Expression from last semester. Currently working on this semester’s edition!
Second spread
A spread I did about a year ago 😀
Thanks to @jessicafillers and my yoga addiction, I’ll be entertaining you all October long with yoga fails (and hopefully some success). Learning that even though it’s not the fullest expression of the pose, it is my fullest expression. #freeyogis #octoberchallenge #yoga
Life comes in all shapes and sizes
Are you forgetting something? 

Here I am!
🍁Happy Fall, yall! It’s truly the most beautiful and wonderful time of the year! Get out there and enjoy it.
Meanwhile I’ll be inside creating something else awesome for you to feast your eyes on 😊
Which one?
Modern typography haha
Have you found yourself asking the question “who is going to design this for me?” Well if you have, you should contact me! 

My email is dellajeanwheeler@gmail.com you can also contact me through comments and I will get in touch with you. I’d love to help you with your next project!
The entire package. The plants go in the jars before, the fabric is shown, and the calendar is in the back. All in a wooden crate.