Half of my illustrations are now done for my calendar project. I’m in love with florals so naturally I love them!
Had a really wonderful night with my mama last night. Dinner at Saffire and Fiddler on the Roof at Studio Tenn.  (at Studio Tenn)
Horizontal scrolling website representing the history of the @ sign. Left most graphic is a slider and the navigation is sticky :)
Thanks @elleluna for the daily inspiration!
iPad menus take 2
What’s better than an awesome restaurant? A fake restaurant with an awesome menu!
Open your broom and make your Gnome Home magazine ready!
Check out this Deluxe Broom packaging hitting walmart store shelves this fall! #not
Make everything shine! Even your cute gnome face!
Gnome & Home, a company only for Gnomes is bringing a specialty deluxe broom to you!
Happy happy birthday to @meggiemehgs17! So thankful for this gal every single day. If I didn’t know you, my life would be void of plenty of laughter, beauty, and sassyness! Also if I didn’t know you, I’m convinced I wouldn’t know what a best friend even is. So thank you for teaching me that, allowing me to be myself, and helping me see that is ok to be me! Let’s have plenty more adventures and laughs. Like we always say, “you can’t get rid of me.” 

Happy day today!
Drag Show Poster for MTLambda
Final Infinite Earth show poster
Record cover: entire package